A&I Products TS-1280 CW Starter 4Mt 24 Volt d/ Direct Drive r - image 1

A&I Products TS-1280 CW Starter 4Mt 24 Volt d/ Direct Drive r

Price: $571.65

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  • Replaces: 1113879

Product Description:
DD 6-71 / 6V-71, 24 Volt (YR.70-67)

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Case-IH Industrial/Construction: D100B (w/6V-71N DETROIT, 1968-69)
Case-IH Industrial/Construction: D120C (w/8V-71N DETROIT, 1968-70)
Case-IH Industrial/Construction: H100B (w/6V-71N DETROIT, 1968-69)
Case-IH Industrial/Construction: H120C (w/8V-71N DETROIT, 1968-69)
Clark Industrial/Construction: 125A III (w/6V-71N, 1969-73)
Clark Industrial/Construction: 125A IV (w/6V-7IN, 1969-73)
Clark Industrial/Construction: 125B III (w/6V-7IN, 1969-73)
Clark Industrial/Construction: 125B IV (w/6V-7IN, 1969-73)
Clark Industrial/Construction: 175 III (w/6V-71N, 1965-68)
Clark Industrial/Construction: 175A III (w/6V-71N, 1965-68)
Clark Industrial/Construction: 175B III (w/6V-71N, 1965-68)
John Deere Industrial/Construction: 860 (w/6-71N DSl., 1971-82)
John Deere Industrial/Construction: 860A (w/6-71N DSl., 1971-82)
John Deere Industrial/Construction: 860B (w/6-71N DSl., 1971-82)
Massey Ferguson Industrial/Construction: 77 (w/6V-71 DSl, 1972-78)
Terex Engine: 6-71 (OPT, 1971-84)
Terex Industrial/Construction: 72-51 (1968-76)
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