Amadas Parts

When it comes to peanut farming Amadas has some of the best combine harvesters in the business. Their collaboration with John Deere has delivered a machine that makes quick work of harvesting peanuts all over the world. The tough conditions that these combines operate in take a toll on the many moving parts and components and they require regular maintenance. Farm Parts has the best selection of top-quality replacement parts and accessories for your Amadas equipment in our parts bin ready to get your Amadas back in the field. With a comprehensive range of belts in all the popular sizes and configurations your equipment will soon be back in action. The extensive range of replacement parts and components for Amadas peanut combines in our catalog makes it easy to maintain the mint condition of your machine. Our parts catalog caters for the top 25 models of Amadas machines and our replacement parts and kits such as the yoke kits and the CV components are certified to deliver the goods every time. Belts, CV components and cross & bearings kits are just some of the quality parts you can select from out of our Amadas parts and accessories catalog.