Bearings & Bushings

Any machine or piece of equipment that has a shaft of some kind, has bearings and bushings. These tough parts make sure that your shafts and cranks run smoothly and true. Farm Parts Store only stocks the best quality replacement bearing and bushings because we know how crucial these parts are to your operation. Our replacement Bearing kits cater for the most popular machines and are all listed according to part number and compatible makes and models for easy selection. Our replacement bearings are available for just about all the makes of machines and are suitable for use in any environment. With your machine make and model or the bearing part number you will find the correct bearing set for your needs in no time at all. Variations like sealed, flanged, hex shaft, spindle, and cage bearings are all there for you to choose from. Our range of bushings are suitable for use on most common equipment and have flanged, sleeve, axle, kingpin, spanner, yoke and many more variations represented. All our replacement parts are listed according to part numbers and use including suitable make and model of equipment for your convenience. Our knowledgeable representatives are available to assist with any queries you might have.