Arborist Products

Climbing trees can be dangerous, especially for us adults. Farm Parts Store has every conceivable tool and kits including all the accessories you could need to climb trees and poles. We stock only the best climbing gear in Buckingham and Climbright varieties with all the related accessories and replacement hooks and straps you could need. Our Climber product list is just as comprehensive and you will find both leather and nylon replacement patches and straps for all your climbing needs. We also have the most complete range of climbing hardware from various ascenders and descenders to every conceivable carabiner in the market as well as rescue gear and figure-8s. Our flip line and belay products come in a large variety of sizes and materials. Our knowledgeable representatives understand that safety is priority NR1 and so we have all the lanyards, pulleys and snap-hooks you would need when climbing. With our extensive range, there is not a piece of rigging or type of rope that you won’t find. We have saddles and all the safety gear like helmets and shin guards as well as the full scope of axes, pruners, and saws for any task imaginable.