Carburetors & Parts

Servicing your equipment and tools is one of the most important parts of keeping your production on track, with most machines powered by fuel driven engines, looking after the fuel/air mixture is crucial to the maintenance of these machines. Farms Parts stocks a comprehensive range of carburetors and related parts and accessories for all the most popular brands and tools. We have ensured that our replacement parts are of the highest quality and we even stock a range of OEM parts for your servicing needs. We have OEM Walbro and Zama units including their related components in our parts bin. You will easily find all the gaskets and repair kits for these OEM parts by using your part number or machine name. We also have full carburetor kits listed in our catalogue, each with a detailed list of included components and related machines. For your 2-Cycle or 4-Cycle engine we have all the best quality replacement parts like fuel filters and pump kits and all the related components in our parts bin. If you have any difficulty finding the correct replacement part, you can consult with our friendly representatives to guide you to the correct part and components and they will assist with the shipping to your doorstep.