Buckingham Arborist and Climbing Equipment

Buckingham supplies the arborist with the top of the range products for climbing and related accessories. Their products have been making climbing trees and poles safe and easy with almost 120 years of experience in the business. Farm Parts has the best range of Buckingham climbers for you to select and our comprehensive catalog has all the accessories you can think of. These climbers are string and durable with excellent weight certification and you can select from our range pads and replacement gaffs to kit yourself out from A to Z. Listed according product type you will easily navigate our parts catalog to find your Port-A-Wrap’s or all the various pads for your climbers when you order. Our selection of saddles and saddles accessories caters for all types of climbers, big or not, and your order can be complimented with a split tail for your needs if you desire. For your convenience, our replacement parts catalogue is supported by knowledgeable representatives and they will gladly assist you with finding the correct replacement part or component for your Buckingham climbing gear and will ship your order to your doorstep no matter where you are.