Fleetguard Filters and Service Parts from Cummins Filtration

Ever since the start back in 1958, filters that carry the Fleetguard name have been the best aftermarket filters in the business. From air to fuel to oil to lubrication, there is no filtration requirement that Fleetguard has not got an industry-leading product for. From humble beginnings, with two employees sewing together cloth bags for filters, to a worldwide industry leader in filtration products and related services with more than 4000 workers worldwide, the Fleetguard range of aftermarket filters have become the most sought-after filtration product on 6 continents. With OEM quality standards and exceptional durability derived from the development of the best filtration products in the world as well as world-wide patents for many innovations, the products in the range have accolades and awards representing excellence in every environment. The Fleetguard product range caters for air filtration and fuel filters for all machines and equipment. Lubrication filters and coolant filtration, as well as chemical products, are all to be found in the vast Fleetguard product catalog. Hydraulic fluids and transmission fluids are also in the mix and the whole filter catalog is supported by a fluid analysis service to evaluate your fluid problems. Farm Parts Store and Fleetguard are ready for your filtration requirements.