Kat's Engine Heaters

Winter is not only a tough time for some people but it’s tough on engines as well, cold weather has severe effects on all engines and Kat’s is one of the companies that make it just a little easier. They have a range of products that help with extreme cold starts by heating the vital areas of your engine pre-start. Their 3-pronged approach to cold weather protection is made up of engine, battery and the oil and transmission fluids. In extremely cold weather is crucial to warm up your engine fluids such as the coolant and water so that when you start the engine you don’t damage the engine in the process. The heating also applies to your battery as cold batteries are less efficient than batteries at normal temperatures. Cold engines need extra power from the battery to start and the heating wraps and pads provide the necessary heat for correct power delivery. With all the moving parts in your vehicle, transmissions and oil reservoirs also need to be at optimum temperatures for effective operation in cold weather. In the Farm Parts bin, you will find all the best Kat’s products for your car or truck so that you can keep on working even in the coldest weather without damaging your machine.