Lucas Oil Engine Additives and Lubricants

If you own trucks or cars or any other type of machine, you will know that Lucas Oil has the best line of lubricants and additives available anywhere in the world. They have built a reputation through innovative product research and development, not to mention the many sponsorships and sporting events they host all over the world. They have a premium line of oils, greases, and additives that protects and lubricates as well as extend the life of just about every type of engine and machine you can think of. As the fastest growing provider of consumer additives and lubricants, they have secured their NR 1 position in the industry without a doubt. From every type of racing, on road off road and on the water, to heavy duty transport as well as your everyday car, they have the widest range of additive products to be found. Farm Parts has the full range of Lucas Oil products for all applications and uses listed in our parts bin. And our trusted network of resellers and distributors across North America will gladly assist you with ordering your Lucas Oil products and will get your order shipped to your doorstep for your convenience with a smile.