Pressure Washer Parts

We all appreciate working in and around a clean environment or machine. And the humble pressure washer does most of the dirty work but it often needs replacement of hoses, guns and other accessories. The Farm Parts bin has replacement parts for all your pressure washer emergencies. We offer replacements for your pressure guns with extension wands as well as a further extension wand for those hard to reach places. When you need to replace the pressure hose on your washer, we have hoses for homeowners and contractors in 25’, 30’, 50’ and 100’ lengths to cater for your specific requirements. Whether you are washing vehicles or buildings or anything at all, you need to right nozzle for the job. Our replacement nozzles are made from high-quality stainless steel for durability and are even color-coded for easy identification. Red for concentrated spray, Orange for 15° angle spray, Green for 25° angle spray and White for 40° angle spray. We also have variable and rotating nozzles to choose from. All our products are listed with specific pressure and temperature ratings to ensure you select the right part for the job. The Farm Parts Store friendly representatives will gladly answer any questions on pressure washer accessories.