Rims & Wheels

The large agricultural machines in the field use very specific rims and wheels to keep the power and traction they need to do the job. These tractors and combines need high quality replacement parts and components in order to continuously do the work they are designed for. Farms Parts has the most comprehensive catalogue of the best quality replacement wheel and rim parts in North America. Our parts bin caters for all the most popular brands and machines with a variety of rims both front and rear as well as all the bolts and studs they need for installation. To find your replacement part all you need is the part number or the machine brand and you will be guided through the catalogue to the correct parts and accessories. The Farm Parts bin has every type of front and rear wheel or disc for your needs as well as the related nuts, bolts and accessories to complete the fitment. We also have all the power adjustable rims you need for those specialized machines in your field. For your convenience our knowledgeable representatives will assist you with finding the right set of wheels for your machines.