Fluids like oil and water need proper containers and seals to keep pollutants out and the fluids in. Ensuring that you have a good seal on the many different types of holders and containers requires the best quality seals and accessories. The Farm Parts bin has the most comprehensive range of seals for all types of use available and some you did not even think of. The range of seals are listed according to part number and type of application and are available in all the metric sizes you could need. Our easy to navigate catalogue of seals has a detailed specification sheet for all the seals and their intended use and applications, so you won’t find it difficult to locate the correct seal for your needs. We have specifically sourced a comprehensive parts catalogue of oil seals in all the metric sizes for the many different applications in the agriculture and construction industries that use oil for lubrication and cooling. These seals are all ISO:9001 certified and made from the highest quality materials. If you do experience any difficulty in locating the correct seal for your needs, you can consult with the Farm Parts friendly representatives and they will gladly help you with finding the right one.