Teeth & Mounting Parts

To make hay while the sun shines your baler and tedder must be in perfect working order. This means that each of the teeth and mounting brackets must be fully functional. When it comes to hard-working machines, balers and harrow rakes are often in the top 3 of the lists. The teeth and brackets on a baler take a beating and need regular replacement and maintenance. We have all the major make and models listed in our catalog under the part number and part type. We also stock the accessories for each type of baler and harrow rake we stock including the tines for all major rake machines. Our knowledgeable representatives covers the whole of North America and will gladly assist you with any queries you might have. Farm Parts Store can ship throughout North America via air and road and select parts can be shipped internationally. Hay bales and feed fulfills a crucial function on the effective operation of any agricultural endeavor and needs to be properly aired and collected. Our extensive range of teeth and accessories will ensure that your machines operate at maximum effectiveness every time. Ensure that you complete your teeth order with the relative mounting brackets and bolts.