Throttle Cables & Controls

When you need power you need power, but if the cable does not transmit your instructions, we all get frustrated. Understanding this frustration, Farms Parts has sourced the best quality replacement cables and accessories for just about every machine or power tool you can think of. Our Farm Parts bin has ISO:9001 certified replacement parts and related accessories for your mowers, blowers and many other powered tools ready for your service and maintenance needs. We have all the engine brake cables and inner cables in the business all made from the best quality materials available. You will find all the related accessories and components to fit these replacement parts as well in our parts bin. From clutch cables and conduits, we have all these replacement parts listed according to use and part number, or you can view the detailed specification on each part for further details on their application. Our parts bin also has many throttle cables and throttle assemblies for just about every powered tool or machine in the field. Farm Parts Store is the preferred supplier in North America for all quality replacement parts and our knowledgeable representatives are available when you need assistance with replacement parts and components.