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A&I Products 2641728 Fuel Lift Pump

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    Brand: A&I Products
    Part Number: 2641728
    SKU: FP-2641728
Product Description:
4 Mount Bolt Pattern Inlet is at 8:30 Outlet is at 3:30

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Landini TRACTOR: 7500 (E-SN UA103065L-U106654N)
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Lincoln Electric WELDER: 500 AMP WELDER
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Massey Ferguson INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION: 50C (E-SN <UA1030631)
Massey Ferguson INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION: 50C (E-SN UA103064L-U106654N)
Massey Ferguson INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION: 6000 (E-SN <UA1030631)
Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 165 (E-SN <UA103063L)
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Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 255 (E-SN <UA103063L)
Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 255 (E-SN UA103064L-U106654N)
Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 275 (E-SN <UA103063L)
Allis-Chalmers LOADER: 840
Allis-Chalmers POWER UNIT: D175
Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 194 (E-SN U123424L>)
Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 275 (E-SN <248UA123423L)
Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 275 (E-SN U123424L>)
Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 285 (E-SN U123424L>)
Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 290 (E-SN U123424L>)
Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 590 (E-SN U123424L>)
Caterpillar FORKLIFT: V60C
A-3637290M1 PERKINS
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