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A&I Products 3138701R91 Rear Crankshaft Seal

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    Brand: A&I Products
    Part Number: 3138701R91
    SKU: FP-3138701R91

Product Features:

  • Outside Diameter: 5.12" / 130 mm

Product Description:
Rear crankshaft seal. NOTE: Does not include inner wear sleeve (Not Available From A&I). Fitsengines: D327-4, TD327-3, DT268 Turbo Diesel, D155 Diesel, D179 CID, D206 CID, D226-B6, D226-3,D226-4, D226-6, D227-4, D227-6, D239 CID, D246 Diesel, D268 Diesel, D310 CID, D325-2, D325-3,D327-2, D327-3, D358 CID, TD226-B6, TD226-4, and TD228-6.Fits Case-IH and Renault engines. Does not fit 421, 421M, 460, 460S W/ D325-3 engine 60; 60S, < 42786 LESS 42742, 42751, 42760, 42766; 70; 70S, < 40772 LESS 40765, 40767, 40771; 80; 361 851, 851S, 81779 >; 851-4, 8514S, 85648 >; 103-12RE; 103-14RE; 103-12RS; 103-14RS; 103-52TA;103-54TA; 103-52TE; 103-54TE; 103-12TS; 103-14TS; 103-52TS; 103-54TS; 103-12TX; 103-14TX; 103-52TX;103-54TX; 950M1; 954M1 80S; 421; 460; 460S; 461; 461M; 461S; 466S, 521S, 20001 >; 480S; 462; 421M; 32-60F; 32-60V; 34-60V;32-50SV, 42101 >; 32-50F, 40773 > PLUS 40765, 40767, 40771; 32-50V, 42787 > PLUS 42742, 42751,42760, 42766

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