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Fiskars Axe & Knife Sharpener

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    Brand: Fiskars
    Part Number: 78616984J
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Product Features:

  • Designed for sharpening axes and knives
  • Ceramic wheels sharpen both sides of the blade
  • Safety guard protects hands and fingers while sharpening
  • Heavy duty construction made from fiberglass composite materials
  • Lifetime warranty

Product Description:
Fiskars axe and knife sharpener saves you countless hours swiping blades over a tri-hone stone set. The Fiskars axe and knife sharpener sharpens yours blade with a few effortless swipes with this sharpener and get on with your day. The ceramic roller sharpens at a precise 30 degree angle so there's no guesswork. And the safety guard means your fingers are never in harm's way. Ceramic wheels sharpen both sides of the blade Opens for easy cleaning Non-slip pads on the base give a stable base for sharpening Lifetime Warranty.

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